The newsletter of the Memory Disorders Project at Rutgers University

Web Sites:

Dementia Fact Sheet
This clear and concise fact sheet is published online by the Family Caregiver Alliance, a California-based support organization for the people who caregivers of people suffering from neurological diseases and disorders.

The American Stroke Association
The ASA, a division of the American Heart Association, maintains a web site with information for the general public on the causes, treatment, and prevention of stroke.

Published Articles:

"Dementia in the Elderly," by David K. Epstein and James R. Conner. In the Fall 1999 edition of Generations, Volume 23 (Issue 3), pp. 9-16.

This article, published in a technical journal, provides a comprehensive review of the causes of dementia in seniors. Though written for specialists, lay readers willing to put the effort into reading this article will find it very informative.