The newsletter of the Memory Disorders Project at Rutgers University

Web Sites

Healthlink USA
A large selection of links to help and information about Parkinson's Disease.

The Parkinson's Center of Oregon
General information on Parkinson's Disease, including symptoms.

On the Internet, many Parkinson's related foundations maintain helpful websites. A good place to get started is at the government's NIH website:, which contains information and links to other sites. The NIH also maintains a site summarizing recent research news on the disease at:

Published Articles

"Understanding Parkinson's Disease," by M. Youdim and P. Riederer, in Scientific American, January 1997, pp. 52-59.

"Cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease," by B. Dubois and B. Pillon, in Journal of Neurology, 1997, vol. 244, pp. 2-8.

By mail or telephone

The New York City-based Parkinson's Disease Foundation is available to answer questions about the illness and provide referrals to support groups or healthcare providers.

Write to: William Black Medical Building, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 710 West 168th Street New York, NY 10032-9982. Tel: 800-457-6676.