The newsletter of the Memory Disorders Project at Rutgers University

Web Sites:
The home page of eyewitness psychology researcher Gary Wells. It contains links to full text of his recent scientific publications as well as recent media coverage of eyewitness research.
The home-page for the Eyewitness Consortium, a group of eyewitness researchers banded together to support education, training and research in eyewitness identification.

Published Articles:

"Eyewitness Testimony, " by Gary L. Wells and Elizabeth A. Olson. (Annual Review of Psychology, 2003, Volume 54, pp. 277-295).

"Distorted retrospective eyewitness reports as functions of feedback and delay," by Gary L. Wells, Elizabeth A. Olson, and Steve D. Charman. (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2003, Volume 9, Number 1, pp. 42-52).

"Under Suspicion," by Atul Gawande. (The New Yorker, January 8, 2001).