The newsletter of the Memory Disorders Project at Rutgers University

Web Sites:

The Epilepsy Foundation (formerly the Epilepsy Foundation of America) offers a range of information and services for people with epilepsy. They can also point you to local affiliates of the foundation. The Epilepsy Foundation, 4351 Garden City Drive, Landover, MD 20785. 800-332-1000; 301-459-3700

Surgery for Epilepsy:
A statement of how epileptic patients should be treated.

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Published Articles:

"Memory and intelligence in lateralized temporal lobe epilepsy and schizophrenia," by J. Gold, T. Blaxton and others. Schizophrenia Research, vol 17, pp. 59-65.

"Learning impairment in epileptic patients," by P. Loiseau and others. Epilepsia, vol. 24, pp. 182-192.

"Transient epileptic amnesia: a description of the clinical and neuropsychological features in 10 cases and a review of the literature," by A. Zeman and others. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, vol. 64, pp. 435-443.